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Tower Surveys Utilities Ltd is at the forefront of it’s industry, utilising the latest technologies to capture technical data quickly and efficiently.

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Specialist utility mapping survey services

Utility Survey & Mapping

Tower Surveys Utilities Ltd use a combination of EML and Ground penetrating Radar (GPR) equipment to map the position and depth of underground service infrastructure. Experienced and trained personal will use the most up to date surveying equipment and industry standard techniques to map out underground services in any given area. Results can then be recorded and overlaid onto a topographical survey in order to give the end user the most accurate and comprehensive plan of the buried services.

Application: Full underground utility mapping survey data capture in accordance with PAS128, Utility clearance for safe drilling of boreholes or digging trenches, Utility Mark-out site surveys, Drainage connectivity surveys, 3D utility surveys.

Benefits; Minimise risk of harm and injury, minimise risk to damaging buried apparatus, topographical survey mitigation to identify potential problems and avoid costly asset failures, minimise disruption and project delay.

Desktop Survey

Desktop Surveys are non-intrusive and an extremely time efficient method of first phase planning. Although the desktop survey itself is not sufficient to determine the location of any particular cable or pipe route, it will help to determine areas of potential difficulty, particularly areas of high utility congestion, and will support further investigation which is likely to be more intrusive.

Benefits; A clear view and understanding of underground Utilities, carried out to PAS128 Specification, cost effective utility identification for pre-design, all utility providers contacted, details supplied in CAD plan format with full report containing all search records.

GPR Survey (Ground Penetrating Radar)

Across the UK ageing utility infrastructure is being replaced with new non-conductive pipes such as PVC. Traditional methods and equipment used are not able to locate services that are non-metallic, which is why we use a combination of EML and GPR on all of our surveys. Together they form a strong combination of technologies and in the appropriate environment they complement each other perfectly. Our collected data can be post processed and overlaid onto survey drawings as well as a full written report of our findings.

Application; Utility mapping, Void locations, sub-structure locations, concrete inspections and geophysical surveys.

CCTV Surveys

With a continuing growth in commercial and Housing development, CCTV surveys have never been more in demand in the ascertainment of drainage condition. Our unique approach to all elements of drainage surveys is assisted by the use of the industry leading push rod and crawler CCTV inspection cameras. Producing high definition CCTV video with high intensity LED lighting, accurate distance metering making drainage design and maintenance a more efficient process for our clients.

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Ian Levens

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