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Surface Regulatory Surveys

Operating high lifting machinery on a sloping floor can increase the chance of equipment toppling over.

Concreate floors

Impact on a concrete floor’s serviceability

Surface regulatory is extremely important to asses in concrete floors – particularly in large warehouses and where heavy and high lifting machinery operates.

Level, Not Flat

A floor can be completely level but with an undulating surface. This can increase the risk of collision and so floors like this must operate equipment at lower speeds and therefore allow for inefficiencies in the workplace.

Flat, Not Level

Alternatively, a floor can be perfectly smooth but slightly sloping. Operating high lifting machinery on a sloping floor can increase the chance of equipment toppling over, causing a greater margin of influence the further the distance from the floor.

Compliance Importance

Surface regulatory can hugely impact a concrete floor’s serviceability and so to ensure utmost performance, Tower Surveys undertake surveys in accordance with The Concrete Society’s Technical Report 34: Concrete Industrial Ground Floors (4th edition). We also offer guidance appropriate to the specific performance of the floor.

What Does It Mean?

This means that where, for example, high-level storage racking is being undertaken in a very narrow aisle, the floor will require a flatness and levelness appropriate for a defined movement area. This specification would be different for a floor surface in a free movement area with low level and wide aisle racking installations and the ability for travel in any direction.

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