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Boundary Surveys

The purpose of a boundary is to provide a safe, simple and economic system of land transfer.

Boundary Surveys

Know your boundaries

The purpose of a boundary is to provide a safe, simple and economic system of land transfer. So if you’re a business or homeowner, knowing where to draw the line can be extremely important. At Tower Surveys Associates, we have experience dealing with highly contentious boundary matters. If you’re unsure whether we can help, give us a call and we will happily discuss your case and offer initial advice.


Property Boundaries

Determining the line

There are four different types of boundary (physical, legal, defined and general) and so establishing which is relative to your property is important. We can either provide an expert opinion, or set out on site an already determined boundary as stated by Land Registry.


Land Registry

Preparing complaint plans

Preparing plans for registration can be tricky but our 30 years’ experience as chartered surveyors means that our plans are always developed to the highest standard. We’ll go beyond just stock fencing, measuring individual fence posts and all detail within the vicinity of a boundary to ensure you have the full picture.


Dispute Resolution

Expert witness reporting

Surveyors often have to explain boundary and conveyance issues to lawyers and commercial organisations. In cases where it is up to a judge to decide, Tower Surveys Associates provide high quality and respected evidence in the interest of justice under the law.


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