Photogrammetric Surveys

Imagery to measurement

Photogrammetric Surveys

Combining Technology

Terestrial, mobile & ariel data

We use a variety of instrumentation and cameras to provide the highly accurate aerial data that we collect including UAVs and Multicopters carrying both Vertical Cameras and Remote Visual Inspection Cameras.

Photogrammetric Surveys

Unlimited Access

Reduce risk to survey personnel

Our aerial and mobile mapping services mean we can map assets like road signs or railway furniture in hard to access areas without imposing inconvenience to the site and without placing staff in dangerous working environments.

Photogrammetric Surveys

Monitor Change

Capturing a moment in time

Photogrammetry is extremely useful when looking at heritage structures or buildings, particularly when looking to compare old imagery with new data for change detection. It’s also a non-intrusive method which can produce rapid results.

Photogrammetric Surveys

Services Collaboration

Integrating data

Calling on our multi-disciplinary services, we can integrate data from various sources to build up a complete model on your site. We are also able to provide a “fly through” of the site by taking into account the building and feature shapes, creating a ‘real time’ effect and allowing the view to see the site both in reality, and as projected.
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3D Laser Scanning

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