Deformation Monitoring

Keep your eye on land movements

Deformation Monitoring

Automated Monitoring

Our equipment can be used anywhere

Automated monitoring can be used where stability is of high uncertainty and continuous checks are required to prevent unforeseen circumstances. Our equipment can be used in all settings and all weather circumstances and can run for an unrestricted amount of time to ensure peace of mind.

Deformation Monitoring

Trend Analysis

Predicting future movements

To monitor any movements, we can undertake a manual monitoring survey at regular intervals over a set period of time and then analyse the data to determine any trends in movements and assist in predicting any future movements.

Deformation Monitoring

Bespoke Reports

Everything explained to you

We realise that no one solution will fit all, and as such our reports are tailored to each client’s site and requirements. Our reports are always in an easy to understand format and our surveyors are always happy to talk you through a report over the phone too.
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3D Laser Scanning

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